Artists Talk and Workshop with Renato Colangelo

Tuesday the 9th of August was an amazing day in the Art Room! We are so lucky to have a number of Artist connected to our school and Renato Colangelo is one of them! You may remember a few years ago, Renato built a camera obscura for our school in the blue sports shed. We usually set it up during the Art Show for everyone to enjoy.  

Renato visited the Grade 5/6 Art class to talk about working as an Artist.  It was fascinating to hear how he uses the medium of photography and the ways he is able to “paint with light” to create stunning images.  We were all very interested in how he took photographs in almost complete darkness using long exposure times and innovative lighting techniques.  He also showed us photographic images he created with a large camera obscura he built in Federation Square a few years ago.  You can check out Renato’s website here for more information and examples of his work: 

More information on this activity can be found at on the Visual Arts blog:

Renato Colangelo – Photography

After the Artist’s talk,  students were then given an opportunity to create their own silhouetted images using lights, a screen, found objects, cut outs and digital cameras set up on tripods. Renato actually stayed all day so the grade 1/2, and 3/4 classes also had a go! We are currently preparing the images and hoping to create a slide show which can be used as part of our school concert later in the year.  Here’s some photos which document what was happening.  A big thank you to Renato.