Coburg High Spanish Excursion

The grade 5/6s had a fantastic afternoon at Coburg High’s event called “Día de los colores” in order to celebrate the day of the dead. Students greatly enjoyed preparing for the event, which was almost as much fun as the event itself! After arriving at school in costume, they then took some time to look at some tutorials and photos for their face paint. Once they decided they looked sufficiently skeletal, we set off for Coburg on the bus (where we received quite a reaction from the public). The festivities were just getting started when we arrived at Coburg and there were food stalls, piñatas and an exhibition which included ofrendas (altars) for us to look at. The school band provided a great soundtrack to the culinary delights and catching up on the goss with former students from Newlands.  There was a ‘best-dressed’ parade towards the end of lunch which a number of students participated in and Hala won a prize for her outfit and head garland.  It was a fantastic afternoon enjoyed by all!