Grade 1/2 Term 2

We have been busy this term.

We have had a visit from Kate who is training to be a paramedic, Izzy’s showed us her guinea pigs and we wrote snail information report books and made playdough snails. We have also been learning how to use the DB primary program. We will be holding an information session for parents on this program early in term 3.


1. As part of our Inquiry topic on “our community”, the Grade 1-2 students received the visit of a Paramedic, where they learnt about this fascinating profession and the important role that Paramedics play in our community’s emergency services.

2. Within our focus on Information reports, we learnt a lot about animals, such  their physical characteristics, habitats and other interesting facts. Students enjoyed a presentation about guinea pigs and had the opportunity to pat them!

Some students had the opportunity to read and learn about snails and slugs, and then make snails  with playdough!