Museum in Motion

During Term 1, the Grade 5/6 students had been working hard, creating the “Museum in Motion”. On Thursday the 23rd of March, students, parents and friends were all invited to come and see the exclusive, one of a kind museum.

Students became one with a famous Australian Pioneer including: James Cook, John Batman, Caroline Chisholm, Nellie Melba and many, many more. Visitors were invited to ask the pioneers questions about their life; students responded in their true characters form. To help support their character, the pioneers auto-biography (written by the students) were on display.

In the front room, a range of dioramas displaying key Australian events came to life. Events included: The First Fleet, The Establishment of Port Arthur, Batman’s Treaty, The Development of the Electric Telegraph, and many, many more. Upon viewing the events, recordings could be heard of conversations between people either at the event, or in that time in history.

Museum in Motion was a tremendous success thanks to all that came along. It was a fantastic turn out and the students had a blast showing everyone what they had learnt throughout the term.