Pamela Allen Author Study

This term in the Foundation classroom, we have been exploring a range of Pamela Allen books as part of our author focus. As a class, we have identified what a narrative text is and the purpose it has when we read. We have looked at main characters and identified the problems and resolutions in each of the texts. The students have also been able to make predictions about what they think might happen in each story. After reading a variety of different stories, some of which have included Alexander’s Outing, Who Sank the Boat?, Mr McGee and the Potato People, the students completed a range of activities that linked to each book. Our favourite activity was creating our own potato people, which was inspired by the story titled Potato People. Each student chose a potato and enjoyed using fabrics, wool and beads to create their person. Some created themselves while others created a family member or a friend. The students are very proud of their creations and have enjoyed having their potato people on display for all to see and enjoy!