What’s happening in Grade 1/2 Term 4 2017

What’s happening in Grade 1/2 Term 4 2017


This Term in English we have continued engaging with different reading strategies to improve students´ comprehension of texts as well as further their pleasure for reading. Students created their own narrative and information reports on a topic of their choice, as well as explored persuasive techniques. Students have also continued to develop their speaking and listening skills by contributing ideas to discussions, as well as sharing ideas with a partner and the whole class.


Students will be  introduced to area and perimeter and measured various spaces in the classroom and schoolyard. They will explore this further when they researched the size of various real life animals such as an elephant and whale and then drew them to scale on the basketball court. In statistics and probability students extended their knowledge of 2D and 3D shapes by exploring the edges, corners and faces of each shape. Students will  also be introduced to the concept of chance where they explored a range of events that were likely, unlikely and never going to happen. Number facts to 20 will be revisited.


During Term 4, students will learn how to express likes and dislikes, with a special emphasis on fruits and activities, as in I like apples, I don´t like swimming. We also learnt how to express feelings and emotions, such as I´m tired, I am happy, in preparation for our incursion on The Jungle Book, a theatre play in Spanish delivered by Carrousel Theatre. Our last unit for the year focused on Christmas in Spain and the tradition of the Three Wise Men, the equivalent of Santa.

Inquiry  Light and Sound

Students will learn scientific knowledge and skills through hands-on exploration and experimentation with design and technology. They undertook investigation into the sources of light and the causes of shadows, how we use sound to represent objects and characters in stories and how we use design and technology to tell stories. The essential questions to be explored are:

  • How can we make puppets and instruments?
  • How can we use instruments, computers and our bodies to make sounds?
  • How can we use sounds and shadows to tell a story?

Students will be encouraged to develop a curiosity about the science in their world. They used their knowledge about light and sound to play with design and technology. Students considered how their favourite movies and performances use sound effects to enhance the story, and how music in their world can communicate emotion. They then produced shadow puppet shows using the new knowledge and skills they had learnt.


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November 15, 2017