What’s happening in Grade 3/4 Term 3


In Term 3, students in grade 3/4 will be introduced to the reader’s and writer’s notebook and will spend some time at the beginning of the term familiarising themselves with the set-up and structure of each. They will develop an understanding the role of the teacher, the student and their peers in these workshops and learn how to find a “just right” book. Once the workshops have been set-up, students will learn how to use predicting, making connections and summarising to enhance their reading experience and develop their skills as readers.

In the writer’s notebook they will be using “seeds” collected from their own interests and experiences which will later be turned into polished pieces of work. They will both learn to write for a purpose and intended audience and also to play around with ideas, words, images and phrases. Their writer’s notebook is a place for them to experiment with and explore the writing process and write about things that really matter to them Our reading groups will focus on consolidating the skills students need to become good readers and the themes of our reading groups will align with our writing topics. Our reading groups have thus far this year addressed reading and writing skills such as summarising, inferencing, word choice and ‘showing rather than telling.’ Students will be learning to apply the skills acquired in reading groups to any text they read, both in and out of the classroom.


In Term 3, students will partake in a range of practical activities to extend their mathematical knowledge. The focus in number and algebra will be multiplication and division, fractions and decimals, place value and money. In measurement and geometry, the focus will be on shape and during statistics and probability students will explore chance, flip, slide, turn, symmetry and angles. These areas will be taught through a range of different strategies including whole group games, partner activities and hands on tasks to maintain student engagement.


In Term 3 the Grade 3/4 Inquiry unit is based on creativity ‘Preparing the Stage’. Students will learn about the creative process of developing interesting characters, settings, and stories as they build a story. They will develop storyboards, design and build props for purpose and photograph moments of their story.


In Spanish this Term students are continuing to learn Spanish through stories using the TPRS method (Total Physical Response through Reading and Storytelling) and thus far have thoroughly enjoyed stories such as ‘cierra la puerta’. They have acquired vocabulary naturally using comprehensible input and a variety of visual prompts to aid them in understanding. They have performed dialogues, re-sequenced stories and engaged in choral reading in order to improve their spoken Spanish in a supportive context. They have been practicing describing their own physical features and those of others and have created a “wanted” poster based on a made-up character and have also learned how to say the different professions in Spanish and a brief sentence about what each profession entails. Students have continued to consolidate their understanding through in-class games such as ‘Hatchi Patchi’, Kahoot, Quizlet and MindSnacks.