What’s happening in grade 3/4 Term 4 2017?


Reading and Writing

This term, students have researched and created an information text on a topic of their choice. They explored various reading strategies, learning how to skim read a text to determine whether the information was suitable for their research, then to scan the text looking for more specific details. They identified and examined text features common to this genre, and learned to recognise these in a variety of texts. Students put their learning into practice, creating informative texts that presented information on their topic in either a poster format, or using Book Creator. Students structured their information in paragraphs with a topic sentence, supporting points and a conclusion, under subheadings that organised their information. Students presented their texts to the class, first summarising their information then planning, rehearsing and delivering their presentations. Students focused on using appropriate tone, pitch, pace and volume, taking into account the audience and purpose. Students are currently looking at examples of persuasive writing, identifying the purpose of this genre and its language features. They will be identifying an issue about which they will write their own persuasive pieces, selecting a point of view and developing their arguments.


This Term, the inquiry unit is based on discovery ‘Forces and Functions’.  Through practical activities, students be exploring and applying physics, engineering and programming skills.  They will investigate different types of forces and categorise them into ‘contact forces’ and ‘action at a distance forces’.  The students will be presented with the challenge to design and build a car that can travel at least 5 meters.  After building the cars, the students will design and carry out experiments to test the variables that influence the distance their cars can travel.  They will collaborate with others as they evaluate and modify their design.  Students will learn coding skills and use a program called Tynker to make music and a game. The final project will involve students planning and carrying out an independent inquiry to create music, a game or an animated story.





In Term 3, students will partake in a range of practical activities to extend their mathematical knowledge. The focus in number and algebra will place value, addition and subtraction, and using different multiplication and addition strategies as well as learning the facts. Students will once again participate in the much-loved ‘multiplication superhero challenge’ in which they compete against themselves to improve their personal best.

In measurement and geometry, the focus will be on time- reading an analogue clock, converting units of time as well as angles- determining whether angle is greater than, less than or equal to a right angle. During statistics and probability students will explore chance, and determine whether the outcome of one chance experiment is dependent or independent of previous results.

These areas will be taught through a range of different strategies including whole group games, partner activities and hands on tasks to maintain student engagement.