What’s happening in Grades 5 and 6 term 2 2017


In Writing this Term, students will further explore narrative writing, using tools such as ‘Show Me, Don’t Tell Me’ and ‘Eliminating Unnecessary Information’. Through these tools students will learn to enhance their descriptive language. Whilst writing their own narratives they learn how to structure their writing, building their complication through a series of events until reaching the climax and resolving it creatively. Their stories will be shared in a story time at the Library.Later in the Term students will publish their own persuasive texts. They will be given a variety of options to choose from which they will then research, plan, draft, revise, edit and publish.

In Reading this Term, students focus on the following comprehension strategies, ‘Visualising, Questioning, Synthesising and Summarising. They will read a wide range of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts. Students will analyse and evaluate similarities and differences in texts on similar topics, themes or plots. Students will also be introduced to the idea of independent reading and choosing a ‘just right’ book.



This term in Numeracy, students will explore the world of angles, recognising them, calculating them and predicting them. Through a series of mini tasks and practical projects, students develop an understanding of the relevance angles play in our lives.

As we deepen our knowledge of the coding realm, students begin to understand the importance of Prime Numbers and the role they play as we browse the World Wide Web. Students will begin to recognise them and calculate them to help them write and solve encrypted messages.

Student will also continue to develop their knowledge of fractions, learning how to add, subtract and multiply them. Students will use real world data to apply to their knowledge of fractions. Whilst they source their data from a variety of resources, they will be required to identify potentially misleading data representations in the media.



This Term, Inquiry is all about the Sciences. During the first half of the Term, students will be given a one week introduction to: Chemistry, Astronomy, Meteorology, Biology and Geology. These mini units of work are designed to help students identify an area in which they are curious about and would like to further investigate.

The second half of the Term, requires students to generate a question based on one of the studied Sciences. This question will form a body of work that the students complete over 5 weeks, completing research, experimenting and submitting a final report.




This Term in Spanish, students will participate in a 1 hour Spanish Numeracy lesson on Wednesdays and a 1 hour Spanish Grammar lesson on Thursdays.

In Spanish Numeracy, students will practise and further develop their mathematical understandings, whilst focusing on the vocabulary in Spanish. In the Spanish Grammar lesson, students will engage in various reading, writing, listening and speaking tasks. This lesson will be supported by our Language Assistant Alicia who is here from Spain.


Our classroom Spanish goals for Term 2 are:

  • Use Spanish more often
  • Improve and learn new vocabulary
  • Read more in Spanish
  • Use correct spelling and accents
  • Learn to construct sentences in Spanish

This term our topics will cover:


  • Telling the time
  • Expressing likes and dislikes
  • Describing animals, friends, family and themselves
  • Describing their physical appearance
  • Asking questions and giving information about school and home
  • Talk about leisure activities and favourite pastimes