What’s happening in Physical Education Term 4 2017

Foundation: In Term 4 students will start developing the knowledge, understanding and skills need to lead healthy, safe and active lives. This term students will be provided with opportunities to learn about their strengths through goal setting and will be able to demonstrate simple actions they can take to keep themselves and their classmates healthy and safe. The focus of this term will be for students to learn through movement by practicing fundamental movement and motor skills through active play and structured activities.

Grade 1/2: In Term4 students will continue develop the capacity to make decisions to enhance their health, safety and participation in physical activity. One core focus in Term 4 is enabling students to explore their own sense of self and the factors that contribute to and influence their identities. Students will be given opportunities to learn about emotions and how to enhance their interactions with others. There will be numerous chances for students to learn through movement and will increase the range and complexity of fundamental movement skills they are able to perform. Students will learn how to select, transfer and apply simple movement skills and sequences individually, in groups and in teams. Students will further develop their knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to movement by exploring simple rule systems and safe use of equipment in a variety of physical activities and games. In addition, students will develop personal and social skills such as cooperation, decision making, problem-solving and persistence during movement activities.

Grade 3/4: In Term 4 students will continue to develop knowledge, understanding and skills in relation to their health, wellbeing, safety and participation in physical activity. Students will begin to explore personal and social factors that support and contribute to their identities and emotional responses in varying situations. The program will build on previous learning in movement to help students develop greater proficiency across the range of fundamental movement and motor skills. Students will begin to combine movements to create more complicated movement patterns and sequences. Through participation in a variety of physical activities, students will further develop their knowledge about movement and how their bodies move. By exploring a range of sports and activities  students will learn more about the benefits of regular physical activity. The students will be provided with opportunities to develop movement skills, personal and social skills such as leadership, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, persistence and decision making.

Grade 5/6: In Term 4 students will be provided experiences to further develop knowledge, understanding and skills to create opportunities and take action to enhance their own and others’ health, wellbeing, safety and physical activity participation. Students will develop skills to manage their emotions, understand the physical and social changes that are occurring for them and examine how the nature of their relationships changes over time. Students will be able to contribute to building a positive school environment that supports healthy, safe and active choices for everyone. They will also explore a range of factors and behaviours that can influence health, safety and wellbeing. Students will refine and further develop a wide range of fundamental movement skills in more complex movement patterns and situations in a range of settings, including indoor, outdoor and aquatic. Students will also apply their understanding of movement strategies and concepts when composing and creating movement sequences and participating in games and sport. Students will develop their understanding about movement as they learn to monitor how their body responds to different types of physical activity. In addition, they continue to learn to apply rules fairly and behave ethically when participating in different physical activities. Students also learn to communicate and problem-solve in teams or groups in movement settings.