What’s happening in the Foundation Class in Term 2 2017


This term in reading foundation students will begin reading group rotations on a daily basis. Throughout these rotations, students will participate in guided reading sessions where they will develop their reading strategies and skills. Students will also complete a verity of literacy based games and activities to support their letter, sound and word knowledge. In writing, we will continue to develop handwriting skills and explore weekend recount with a focus on applying letter sound knowledge to complete writing independently. Students will also explore a range of procedural texts to develop an understanding of the purpose and structure of this text type. Students will be exploring a unit on fairy tales where they will continue to develop an understanding of the narrative text type. They will participate in role-plays and reflect on their favourite fairy tales. We will also be completing a small unit on Indigenous stories where students will look at range of indigenous dreamtime stories, explore the meaning of each story, participate in role-play retells and complete craft related activities. Students will continue borrowing books from the school library and continue to take home readers on a daily basis. In speaking and listening, we will be introducing show and tell, which will enable students to build on their verbal strategies to communicate and be active listeners to others.


In term 2, foundation students will be introduced to the concepts of addition and patterns. They will be using concrete materials to explore addition and learn a range of strategies to assist them with solving simple problems. Students will also explore a variety of shape and colour patterns and will be continuing and creating their own patterns. We will also be continuing to build on our number knowledge through skip counting, ordering numbers and exploring the teen numbers. In measurement and geometry, we will be investigating a range of 2-dimensional shapes and learning about their features. Students will also be focusing on length and mass. They will be using informal units of measurement some including their hands and unifix blocks to compare, measure and weigh a range of different objects. In statistics and probability we will continue to build on our knowledge of collecting data and creating bar and picture graphs. We will be incorporating this concept with our unit on shape.

Inquiry Learning

This term in Inquiry students will be learning about the different communities people belong to and understand why people live, work and play in communities. They will be exploring some of our local communities and some of the communities they are a part of. Students will also be building on their ideas of what it means to be a good community member, class member and friend and putting these ideas into practise on a daily basis.


In Spanish this term, students will be learning about 2-dimensional shapes, which will tie in with the mathematics shape unit. They will learn how to describe shapes using colours and explain the number of sides and corners a shape has. Students will develop the vocabulary required to talk about a variety of body parts and will learn how to share information about themselves using simple sentence structures to describe their eye and hair colour. They will also have an opportunity to explore the vocabulary needed to talk about their family members and explain how many siblings they have. Along with these new topics, students will continue developing their knowledge of numbers, colours and words to describe how they are feeling. They will have an opportunity to develop their Spanish language skills via a variety of activities including games and songs. Daily role call will continue to be conducted in Spanish and students will be encouraged to greet and farewell their teachers and peers using Spanish greetings they have learnt.