What’s happening in our Grade 1/2 class in term 3 2017


Adventures in grade one two for term three.


In language this semester we will be focusing on persuasive texts. Looking at the features and structure of a range of persuasive texts including expositions, advertisements and personal responses. Students will explore the purpose of persuasive texts so- be on your toes parents – they will know how to convince you and get what they want with a strong, sound argument.!!!! We will also be exploring poetry and Aboriginal stories, again looking at features and specific structures of each text. As part of this students will read, respond to and create a range of texts. These will be displayed in the classroom or presented on their i-Pads.



In Mathematics this term we will explore units of measurement including capacity and time. Most of these activities will be a combination of hands on learning experiences and more structured learning tasks. Through these tasks students will explore the capacity of a range of objects using a variety of materials, use formal and informal measurements to gauge the mass of objects and build on their understanding of calendars, seasons and time durations.

In number and algebra students will further develop their understanding of multiplication, odd and even numbers, number patterns subtraction and addition.

Suggestions to support mathematics learning at home would include board/card games which require tallying of scores, cooking and shopping which require measuring volume and capacity.


This term we will be looking at sustainability, creating an understanding of  how to sustain our environment by reducing, reusing and recycling.

The inquiry unit is driven by three essential questions –

How can we leave a tiny footprint on the environment?

Do we know what we can reduce, reuse and recycle?

How do we set goals and influence others to look after our environment?

Students will appreciate the importance of looking after the environment.

They will be discerning as they dispose of rubbish; understanding the distinction between materials that can be recycled, reused and reduced. The students will consider the ethics of sustainability as they share our environment.


This Term in Spanish we are starting with a unit on the weather; students are learning basic expressions to describe the weather and have the chance to practise them every day by using our “Date and Weather” chart.

A second unit of work will focus on descriptions, first of animals and next of people, where students will put into practice their prior knowledge of basic adjectives and body parts, and will expand their vocabulary to produce more sophisticated descriptions of themselves, their family members and friends.

Additionally, we are starting a literacy focus in view of starting to read simple readers in this language. With a phonics approach, one session a week will be targeting letter and sound combinations and their visual recognition.