Student Leadership @ NPS

School Captains


The School Captains are the student leaders of NPS. They are the face of our school to the broader community and possess exemplary leadership qualities. Duties include, representing the school at community events, greeting visitors to the school, mentoring junior students and fellow leaders as well as organising and supporting school events. They are involved in the SRC and are responsible for organising and running the Whole School Assembly weekly.

Our School Captains for 2018 are:
Willow and Arran

Our School Vice-Captains for 2018 are:
Javier and Irene

School Captains 2018

House Captains

Student Representative Council – SRC


The SRC is a strong voice for our students at Newlands Primary School. They represent the views of different year levels, cultures, backgrounds and talents. Being a member of the SRC, teaches the students a range of diverse leadership qualities, such as public speaking, presenting and communicating with others and responsibility, enabling them to be confident young leaders.

At our school, students who are interested in running for an SRC position, prepare a speech and present it to their class. Class members vote in a representative from each year level and the SRC representative is elected by their peers.

Our SRC representatives for 2018 are:

Year One: Fin and Eva
Year Two: Bayanne and Soli
Year Three: Sebastian and Edie
Year Four: Frieda and Cillian
Year Five: Arlo and Rose
Year Six: Zachary, Irene, Willow, Arran and Javier
SRC Support Teacher: Cristina