Newlands Primary School

Newlands Primary School is situated in West Preston opposite the new Coburg Hill development. Our school is proud of the role we play in our community and we take pride in our welcoming atmosphere. At Newlands, students, teachers and parents all actively participate in the learning partnership.

We provide effective learning experiences within a stimulating and challenging environment. Our rich and extensive curriculum gives priority to the mastering of literacy and numeracy and places an emphasis on the global classroom. The life of our students is enriched through an exciting range of creative programs that include: Spanish, Visual and Performing Arts, Art Shows and the School Concert. Student learning is significantly enhanced by substantial access to Information and Communication Technologies with iPads fully integrated into learning areas at all levels.

A healthy lifestyle is encouraged through Physical Education lessons and an active sports program. We have extensive school gardens which include indigenous plantings at the front of the school and a school vegetable garden. Leadership and social skills are developed through the student leadership program, a Buddy Program, Public Speaking and Community Performances.

Newlands Primary School strives to provide all students with a happy and active start to their school years in a secure atmosphere of warmth and creativity. We endeavour to provide a progressive curriculum with traditional values and promote an atmosphere where effort is valued and achievement is recognised.


Newlands Primary School Annual Review – 2019

Meet the Principal

Welcome to the Newlands Primary School’s website. I would hope that visitors and members of our school community find the website useful and informative.

Newlands Primary School has a dedicated staff, supportive parents and community and great students that enjoy all the benefits of a dynamic and high performing school.

Mr Ross Dudgeon


School Values 

Our School Values

During 2018  we undertook the process of reviewing our school values. Students, staff and community members were involved in the process. Forums were held and online surveys completed. A decision on our new values occured after all community members had had an opportunity to have an input into the process.

Our school values are:


Our School keystones

 Our Keystones are what we do as learners. Each Keystone relates to four dispositions towards learning. All activities are designed to instil the Keystones in our students as they build upon each of the continuums.

Our school Keystones are:


Student Leadership

Newlands Primary School values student agency and student voice. ​Student voice acknowledges that students have unique perspectives on learning, teaching, and schooling, and should have the opportunity to actively shape their own education.

At Newlands, students actively participate in their community and the education system, contributing to decision making processes and collectively influencing outcomes by putting forward their views, concerns and ideas. One element of this is the range of Leadership positions available to students.

Student Leadership Team

  • Correspondence Leaders
  • Assembly Leaders
  • Library Leaders
  • Visual Arts Leaders
  • Wellbeing Leaders
  • Sports Leaders
  • House Sport Leaders
  • Environment Leaders
  • Performance Leaders
  • Spanish Leaders
  • ICT Leaders
  • SRC (School Representative Council) Members
  • School Leaders

 The School Leaders drive the Student Leadership Team, ensuring they receive the support they require and opportunities to further develop their leadership skills.


Student Representative Council – SRC

The SRC is a strong voice for our students at Newlands Primary School. They represent the views of different year levels, cultures, backgrounds and talents. Being a member of the SRC, teaches the students a range of diverse leadership qualities, such as public speaking, presenting and communicating with others and responsibility, enabling them to be confident young leaders.

At our school, students who are interested in running for an SRC position, prepare a speech and present it to their class. Class members vote in a representative from each year level and the SRC representative is elected by their peers.


Policy Review Date Approval / Consultation
Anaphylaxis Management Policy 2023 Principal
Asthma Management 2023 Principal
Attendance Policy 2025 Principal/School Council
Bullying Prevention 2024 School Council
Camps and Excursions Policy 2025 Principal/School Council
Cash Handling 2023 School Council
Child Safe Standards 2024 Principal/School Council
Child Safety Code of Conduct 2024 Principal/School Council
Child Safety Responding and Reporting Obligations 2024 Principal/School Council
Child Safe Standards 2023 Principal
Child Safety Risk Register 2023 Principal
Class Placement 2026 Principal
Communication with Staff 2026 Principal
Complaints 2024 Principal/School Council
Curriculum Framework 2026 Principal
Digital Learning 2024 Principal/School Council
Dogs at School 2026 Principal
Duty of Care2024 Principal
Electronic Funds Managament2023 School Council
Enrolment2026 Principal
Equal Opportunity2024 DET Policy
First Aid2026 Principal
Fundraising2026 School Council
Head Lice2026 DET Policy
Health Care Needs2026 Principal
Inclusion and Diversity2026 Principal/School Council
Medication2025 Principal
Mobile Phones2026 Principal
Parent Payments2023 School Council
Personal Property2026 Principal
Petty Cash2024 School Council
Photographing Filming and Recording Students2024 Principal
School Purchasing Card2023 School Council
Statement of Values and School Philosophy2026 School Council
Student Wellbeing and Engagement2024 Principal/School Council
Sunsmart2024 School Council
Visitors2023 Principal/School Council
Working with Children Clearance2025 Principal/School Council
Yard and Supervision2024 Principal

What’s been happening at Newlands?

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