Student Enrolment 

Please contact the school on 9354 2928 or email if you have any questions related to starting at Newlands Primary School.

If you would like to school to contact you, please complete the Expression of Interest form.

If you would like to complete an Enrollment Form, please click on the link. Once completed, please return to


Enrolment Form

Enrolment Document Checklist



Documents needed to complete enrolment process

  • Australian Students – Birth Certificate or
  • Overseas Students – Birth Certificate or Passport (must include date of arrival/Visa Sub Class Code/Date of Expiry and copy of Visa Document)


Medical Information

  • Anaphylaxis Action Plan (form can be obtained at school or Doctor’s office)
  • Asthma Action Plan (form can be obtained at school or Doctor’s office)
  • Allergy Action Plan (form obtained at school or Doctor’s office)
Immunisation Certificate
  • The Australian Childhood Immunisation Register (ACIR)
  • Visit your local Medicare Office online at
  • Your local Council Immunisation service. This can be obtained through the following Departments: Telephone 1800 653 809 or email


nStudent Access of activity restriction details
  • Court/Family/Restraining Order/Other 

Enrolment Process

Families who have expressed an interest for their children to be enrolled in our 2022 Foundation class and who have met the criteria in our enrolment policy will be sent an offer to join.

Our policy for enrolment is siblings first, then children whose closest school is Newlands and then, those who are interested in attending Newlands for curriculum considerations (Spanish and Performing Arts).

Enrolling during the school year?

Newlands P.S. accepts enrolments during the school year across all grade levels. To enrol you must make an appointment with the principal to discuss your reasons for enrolment.

International Students

Please contact the school if you wish to enrol. Our Principal will discuss the details of the enrolment process with you and advise you if we have a vacancy for your child. More information on the process can be found at :

What you will need
To enrol in a Victorian government primary school as an international student, you must:

  • submit an application form
  • attach the requested documentation, including a copy of the child’s current Australian visa and passport details, to the application form
  • pay the relevant fees
  • be accepted for enrolment by the school.

School Tours

Newlands school tours are led by our student leaders and conclude with a discussion with school leadership.

School tours will resume in Term 2 2022.