Student Enrolment 

Please contact the school on 9354 2928 or email if you have any questions related to starting at Newlands Primary School.

If you would like to complete an Enrolment Form, please click on the link. Once completed, please return to or in person.

Enrolment Form

Please download and complete the enrolment form. You can either return the form in person or email.

Foundation 2025 Information Booklet
Enrolment Document Checklist

Enrolment Document Checklist PDF

To enrol your child please ensure you have the following documentation ready to attach to the completed enrolment form. Please submit your enrolment form to our school office or send it via email to

Forms to Complete

– Enrolment Form

 Documents Needed to Complete Enrolement Form

– Australian Students – Birth Certificate or

– Overseas Students – Birth Cirtificate or Passport (must include date of arrival / Visa Sub Class Code / Date of Expiry and copy of Visa Document)

Medical Information

– Anaphylaxis Action Plan (form can be obtained at school or Doctor’s office)

– Asthma Action Plan (form can be obtained at school or Doctor’s office)

– Allergy Action Plan (form can be obtained at school or Doctor’s office)

Immunisation Certificate

– Download and complete immunisation history statement through Medicare:

 Student Access of Activity Restriction Details

– Court / Family / Restraining Order / Other



Newlands Approach to Language Learning

Newlands Approach to Language Learning PDF

In an ever changing world, Newlands Primary School (NPS) is dedicated and committed to providing an
innovative and engaging learning environment that adapts to our ever changing world. The school provides
a curriculum that encourages students to learn about different cultures, to become inspired and aware of
differences and to critically and creatively think about the world around them. The evidence informs us
that if our students are globally aware, students will be able to build their own values and belief systems to
positively impact the world around them.

A second language to communicate, to understand and to engage in a global sense, further highlights, the
school’s commitment to creating global citizens. Not only is their strong evidence in the positive impact a
second language can have on the first language, it further provides a solid foundation for students to
become plurilingual allowing for further opportunities in a Newlands Primary School’s students future.
At NPS, students are exposed to learning experiences in both English and Spanish. The school follows the
Victorian Curriculum allowing students to learn educational concepts 50% in English and 50% in Spanish.
This ultimately means that students will develop their strategies of reading, writing and mathematical
concepts in both languages. Our inquiry units, allow Newlands to design these concepts through a topic
that links to the world around us.

There are currently a small number of primary schools offering bilingual education in Victoria, Newlands is
the only Spanish Bilingual Immersion Program in Victoria using the CLIL (Content Language Integrated
Learning) method to deliver our curriculum.

Why Spanish?
Spanish has the second highest number of native speakers worldwide and is one of the most widely
understood languages in the world. Spanish is the main language in over 21 countries, the official language
of most of Latin America and one of the official languages of the United Nations. The ability to speak
Spanish allows for a wide range of opportunities in the commercial, educational and hospitality fields in a
number of countries across the world.

Newlands Primary School’s dedication to providing a Spanish Immersion program is further strengthened
by Coburg High School which continues to provide the language as an option at secondary school. While
having a strong understanding of Spanish will help considerably if learning Italian, French or Portuguese (to
name a few), having a second language has helped create the building blocks needed when learning any
new language.

Benefits from Bilingual Education
Bilingual education has shown to have many benefits for students and school communities. Students who
undertake bilingual education have been shown to perform at above average levels academically. Bialystok
(2016) wrote in their research that teachers noticed improved focus, concentration and ability to
undertake tasks in more detail. In 2012 Bialystok, Craik, and Luk, wrote that bilingual people sometimes
have an advantage, as well as sustained attention and have ‘mental flexibility’ meaning they have the
ability to adapt to ongoing changes and process. This means that as a lifelong learner at Newlands,
students will benefit from developing an open mind disposition.
Klein (2013) noted that the age at which children learn a new language can have a significant and positive
impact on the adult brain structure. In addition Klein (2013) suggested that with an early introduction of
language it will ensure more probability of proficiency in the language acquired. Furthermore, Rankine
(2016), pointed to the economic benefits of Australians learning a second language to effectively
participate in a globalised world.

A study conducted at the University of Auburn in 2016 found that when learning another language, you
also have the opportunity to learn about their cultures which helps you have a broader perspective and
view of the world. Therefore, leading to an increased understanding and appreciation on cultural diversity.
Creese (2010) has noted that children who normalise a second language go beyond merely acceptance to
cultivation of a world view perspective.

Below are some research links and articles:

• Source: Baker, C. (2014), A Parents’ and Teachers’ Guide to Bilingualism (Fourth Edition), Multilingual
Matters, Bristol, UK, pp50-51.

What does learning look like at NPS?
At Newlands the Literacy and Numeracy curriculum is delivered in both Spanish and English. In addition to
other areas that may deliver specific lesson in Spanish, such as Music. Therefore, students have two
teachers, a teacher that will deliver parts of the curriculum in English and another for Spanish.
When teachers plan as a team, decision are made on what concepts of the curriculum will be taught in
English and what concepts will be taught in Spanish. Thus, very few concepts are taught in both languages.

Useful Spanish Learning Resources
To help you and your child familiarise yourselves with the Spanish Language, below are some resources for
you and your child to explore the wonderful world of the Spanish Language. Some of these are free apps or
websites, some might have a cost, you are under no obligation to purchase any resource.
• Arbol ABC Website: Spanish games, songs, stories, numbers and vocabulary.

• Spanish School Bus for Kids App: Spanish games, numbers and vocabulary.

• Rockalingua: Spanish games, songs, stories.

• YouTube search for:
– El Mono Sílabo
– Basho & Friends
– Pocoyo in Spanish

The team at NPS are looking forward to seeing your Spanish adventure start and grow!

Newlands Information Checklist

Newlands Information Checklist PDF


This is our Information Pack that will provide you with all the information you will need for our 2024 transition dates and provide the relevant information you will need for the beginning of 2025.

Here is our recommended reading order with following actions.
– Subscribe to the School’s newsletter. This can be done by navigating the ‘Parents’ sections of the school’s website or visiting the following link:

– Complete the Newlands Primary School Enrolment Checklist and return relevant documents to the school office.

– Read the Newlands Information Book. This has all the information you need about school life at Newlands Primary School.

– Read the Language learning at Newlands PS document.

– Put the date of the 2025 Foundation Information Night in your calendar.

– Read the Newlands Foundation Transition – Important Dates 2025. This has the information you need for our Term 3 & 4 transition dates.

– Read Beginning the School Year Foundation 2025 for next year’s starting dates and Foundation assessment days.

– Read the Social Story book with your child. It will help familiarise yourself and child about school life at Newlands Primary School.

– Please read the Out of School Hours Care program information.

– Read information on Newlands Primary School Uniform

Important Dates 2025

 Important Dates 2025 PDF

Students will attend school Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday for the first few weeks of school. Over four Mondays, teachers will meet with students on an individual basis for 1 hour to complete Literacy and Numeracy assessments.

Families will be emailed a time for their child’s assessment at the end of Term 4. Each student will be given an allocated time to attend as a part of the assessment process. These are DET assessments that assist teachers in their classroom planning at the beginning of the year and are an opportunity for teachers and students to continue building their relationship. Parents have the option to attend this initial assessment.

We will send out a form in Term 3 asking families if their child has any friendship considerations, they would like us to take into account. When making 2025 class lists, we will consider these friendship considerations, kindergartens and information gathered
during our transition program in 2024.

Families will be informed of their child’s classroom teacher by the end of 2024.

Week 1
Monday 27th January Public Holiday: Australia Day
Tuesday 28th January Curriculum Day: Teacher’s Only
Wednesday 29th January Curriculum Day: Teacher’s Only
Thursday 30th January Students First Day of School
Friday 31st January Full Day

Week 2 – 5
Monday 3rd February
Assessment Day: Number 1
No school for Foundation Students

Monday 10th February
Assessment Day: Number 2
No school for Foundation Students

Monday 17th February
Assessment Day: Number 3
No school for Foundation Students

Monday 24th February
Assessment Day: Number 4
No school for Foundation Students

Transition Important Dates
Newlands Out of School Hours Care

Enrolment Process

Families who have submitted an enrolment form for their child to attend Newlands PS for Foundation in 2025 will be notified of the outcome of their application early in term three.

Our enrolment policy priorities students with a sibling currently attending Newland Primary School and students who live in our zone. Additionally we take into consideration applications from families who are interested in attending Newlands Primary School for our Spanish Bilingual Program. 

Enrolling during the school year?

Newlands Primary School accepts enrolments during the school year across all years levels. To enrol, please contact the office to organise a school tour.

International Students

Please contact the school if you wish to enrol. Our Principal will discuss the details of the enrolment process with you and advise you if we have a vacancy for your child. More information on the process can be found at :

What you will need
To enrol in a Victorian government primary school as an international student, you must:

  • submit an application form
  • attach the requested documentation, including a copy of the child’s current Australian visa and passport details, to the application form
  • pay the relevant fees
  • be accepted for enrolment by the school.

School Tours and information Session

Foundation 2025 School Tours

We welcome families interested in becoming part of our school community in 2025 to join us for a school tour. Please come along to view our classrooms and hear from our leadership team about our approach to teaching and learning.


Tuesday 18th June, 9.15am – 10.15am


If you are interested in learning more about Newlands, below is a video from our Assistant Principal Luke, providing a condensed version of the information shared on our Foundation Information Night.