The Skill Up  

Tune in and Consolidate Previous Learning.

The Learning

Introduce the Learning Intention and Success for the lesson.

The Collective

Develop whole class understanding.

The Builders

Practice and consolidate new learning, individually or collaboratively.

The Workshop

Small group or individual targeted learning.

The Showtime

Whole class reflection on the learning and the success.

Learning at Newlands Primary School

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Community engagement in learning
Student Development
School Ethos and Environment
Student Cognitive Engagement

Literacy at Newlands Primary School

Numeracy at Newlands Primary School

Lunchtime Clubs at Newlands Primary School

Art Club

Board Games Club

Ballet Club

Gardening Club

Lacrosse Club

Lego Club

Dance Club

Robotics Club

Book Club

Rock Band

Yoga Club

Sand Castle Club

Spanish Bilingual Immersion Program

What is a Bilingual Immersion Program?
In a bilingual program students do their learning in both English and another language. It is a type of immersion learning. There are currently a small number of primary schools offering bilingual education in Victoria and certainly no nearby schools currently offering bilingual Spanish.

What does learning look like at NPS?
At Newlands the curriculum is delivered both through Spanish and English. The students currently undertake Literacy and Numeracy both in English and in Spanish. As Spanish was introduced to Newlands in 2016 the students are currently at different stages of the Immersion journey, however all year levels currently undertake Spanish Literacy and Mathematics lessons every day.

Each cohort has English classroom teachers and Spanish classroom teachers who grade share. That means that your child will be taught by more than one teacher; an English classroom teacher and a Spanish classroom teacher. The English teachers are responsible for delivering parts of the Victorian Curriculum for Literacy and Numeracy in English and the Spanish classroom teachers are responsible for delivering parts of the Victorian Curriculum for Literacy and Numeracy in Spanish.

The Literacy and Numeracy lessons are conducted in Spanish and English. We use a method of teaching and learning called Content Language Integrated Learning (CLIL).

Why Spanish?

Spanish has the second highest number of native speakers worldwide and is one of the most widely understood languages in the world. Spanish is spoken by over 400 million people in over 20 different countries across four continents. Spanish is the official language of most of Latin America. It is also widely spoken in Israel, Morocco, the Philippines, and the United States of America, where 40 million people are native Spanish speakers. It is also one of the six official languages of the United Nations.

At Newlands Primary School most of our Grade 6 students attend the local neighbouring secondary school, Coburg High School. By offering the same language as Coburg High School it maximises the likelihood that our students will be able to continue their language studies to secondary and, possibly, tertiary level.

Benefits of Bilingual Education

Bilingual education has been shown to have many benefits for students and school communities. Students who undertake bilingual education have been shown to perform at above average levels on English and Mathematics. It also leads to increased understanding and appreciation of cultural diversity.


The Research

Specialist Learning Programs

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Visual Arts

All students attend a weekly art lesson. Our talented art teacher runs an exciting and well planned program. We hold a school art show every second year. 


Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics.

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This sections currently under review.

Performing Arts

Our Performing Arts program focuses on three key areas; Drama, Dance and Music. Each grade participates in a 60-minute session of Dance and Drama, and a 60-minute Music session. This allows us to develop and build upon student’s skills in Dance, Music and Drama consistently throughout the year. We also offer a range of extra curricular programs that support our Performing Arts Program including; School Rock Band, Performance Group, Dance Clubs and the School Choir. We are lucky enough to have access to a large multi-purpose room as well as an instrumental music room.

Physical Education

Our Physical Education program is a 60-minute session each week. Students develop their fundamental motor skills in a variety of activities and game focuses. We offer a range of additional programs to help support and extend our physical education program such as; weekly house sport tournaments for the senior school and a Perceptual Motor Program for the junior school. We also access outside expertise in swimming and gymnastics.


Students are provided with an opportunity to borrow books from the school library each week. They can also visit the library on selected days at lunchtime and after school to return and borrow books. We are fortunate to have a dedicated trained librarian that ensures all of the resources are refreshed and maintained and up to date.  

Teaching staff are regular lunchtime visitors to the library to read stories to the children.

If you wish to search the Library catalogue, please click here.

ICT at Newlands Primary School